Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Bluetooth low-energy tags are easily placed in the home or in a living facility to
track key aspects of patient care.

Versatile Use Cases for ADLs

Monitor when patients get out of bed, how long they rest in their easy chair, when they open their refrigerator, and even how often they use the commode.


Insights into activities of daily living (ADLs) offer valuable data into a patient's normal living activities, so healthcare practitioners can make more informed decisions that improve overall safety, health, and wellness.

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Manage, Monitor, and Track Patients

Care teams manage their patients through our VitalCare portal. Review and set alerts, track daily care, and manage your populations.

  • Low-energy Bluetooth

  • 9-12 Month Battery Life

  • Cost-Effective

  • Discrete Design

Key Features


Keep patients engaged by adding a smart tag to their walker to track 'step count'.

Set daily goals through the Connect app or facility

web portal.

Additional Use Cases