Release Notes 

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VitalCare Android App Release v 1.3.88

New Features & Enhancements

  • Several enhancements were added to Feature Modules (home screen tiles):

    • Although once configurable via Admin Portal patient settings, these Modules may now only be displayed/hidden based on configuration toggles under Admin Portal community settings.

    • New tiles are available (based on Admin Portal settings) for the following Modules:  ADLs, Devices, Documents, and Surveys.  Since these are available as tiles, the Modules section has been removed from the More menu.

    • Previously a maximum 6 tiles could be displayed on the app (5 Feature Modules + the More Module).  New continuous vertical scrolling on phones and horizontal paging/swiping on tablets allows display of all the available Modules.

    • Due to the prior 6 tile restriction, the Messages and Engagement features could not both be displayed as tiles. If both Modules were selected for display, the tile would display as Engagement, and Messages would be available only from the bubble icon.  Now both features are available as separate Module tiles and can be selected for display at the same time.

  • A new series of Help screens will provide a brief description of home screen elements including Weather Snapshot, Messages, Feature Selection (tiles), and how to access More Features (pagination/scrolling).

    • App users can navigate through the mini-tutorial via the Next buttons or by using a swipe gesture.  Tapping the Skip button closes the tutorial.

    •  These screens will be triggered upon login but may be accessed at any time by tapping the Help link in the upper right corner of the home screen.

  • If configured in the community,  a 'Virtual Consent' form is now available. If enabled, the consent form will be displayed as a pop-up for the patient during app login.

  • App Language Selection has been added to support Spanish in the Login screen and is also available via the More>Preferences screen.   

  • Sensitivity of Spirometry values are now supported up to 2 decimal points. 

  • Kit number has been added to the app under More>Profile>Add Kit to Profile. If a kit number exists in the Admin Portal patient profile, it will display here. Patients can also scan their kit barcode in the app and the Admin Portal will be updated accordingly.

  • New "Unspecified" gender selection in profile

  • New "BMI" calculated measurement available

  • To prevent text overlapping or being cut off, some words were replaced with icons:

    • The button to end an audio/video call is still round with a red background, but the word “End” has been replaced with a white “X” icon.

    • Time of day category labels in Medication List no longer include the words “morning”, “midday”, “evening”, and “bedtime”, but replacement icons are consistent with colors/images used throughout the medication module.

  • Other general improvements were made including but not limited to: 

    • Restriction of zero quantity food and water entries.

    • Can no longer save notes (medication, nutrition, etc.) without text. 

    • Help link changed to icon and moved to header.

    • Header icons in upper right corner will only be displayed on the Home Screen.

Supported Device Integrations & Updates

  • Support for new Bluetooth devices: Accu-chek Guide Glucometer, OneTouch Verio Flex Glucometer, Finicare Thermometer, Masimo MightySat Rx Pulse Oximeter, Nonin Pulse Oximeter (only specific models), Omron Blood Pressure Monitor (only specific models).

  • Heart Rate value from BrightLife BP monitor is now populated to Heart Rate Vitals box. 

Bug Fixes

Please note bug fixes apply to select situations and not all instances

  • Increased vertical scroll distance for questions & answer options.

  • Added ability to view PDF files when received as attachments in the Messages feature.

  • ADL functionality has been corrected so values will re-set each day at midnight.