VitalTech hosts a wide-range of virtual care solutions suitable across the care continuum, empowering health care providers to dramatically improve outcomes.

Our commitment is to create the best solution to meet your needs with customizable kits. 

Personal Emergency Response System

Chronic Care Management

VitalTech’s chronic condition management suite of tools helps your patients address multiple conditions based on their personal preferences. Our comprehensive approach includes examining the complete picture of a person’s health, including care plan adherence, medication compliance, nutrition intake and more, to create a dynamic, integrated, and custom management program. 


Our chronic condition management tools include remote patient monitoring tools, such as blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter, thermometer and more. These tools are Bluetooth enabled and send data digitally to our proprietary platform, which ingests this data and produces actionable insights for the care team.


VitalTech’s chronic condition management is ideal for patients with Heart Failure (HF), Diabetes Mellitus (types 1 & 2), Chronic obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), and Post-Acute/Long-Term Coronavirus Syndrome (“Long COVID-19”).

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Technological advancements are shifting traditional care delivery models and the point of care to the patient’s home.


Unparalleled data insights and improved communication between providers, their patients and electronic medical records allow physicians to care for their patients unlike ever before.

Remote Patient Monitoring



VitalCare's web-based telehealth feature keeps providers, patients, and family members connected.


Patient data is shared with providers in real-time through Bluetooth-enabled devices, allowing for quick access and review during telehealth calls.  


Behavioral Health

VitalCare offers personalized patient care for behavioral health. 

Surveys and questionnaires, customized for a patient's needs, can be pushed to the VitalCare app as needed. Providers can review live or historic vitals collected from Bluetooth-enabled devices. Medication compliance is encouraged through pushed reminders. 



Population Health

VitalCare provides detailed insights into patients' health from a single central dashboard. Patients and providers benefit from predictive analytics, risk stratification, and program adjustments based on real outcome and cost data. 


Remote patient monitoring (RPM) and telemedicine services are billable through Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes and are easily tracked through VitalCare Provider.  


Hospital at Home

VitalCare provides comfort and security for patients to recover at home. Our medical peripherals record patient data that is logged and communicated to their doctors in real time, making it possible to identify potential issues and provide proactive care. 


Aging in Place

VitalCare keeps seniors connected with their care team through real time data collection and analytics, empowering them to live independently while minimizing risks. 

VitalCare Family is an added benefit that keeps family members informed of their loved one's wellbeing. With permission, they can have access to review vitals and check medication compliance. 


Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)

PERS devices make it possible to track emergency situations in real time. Our device has fall detection and an SOS panic alert button to notify caregivers when they are in an emergent situation. 


Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

ActivityTagsTM offer insights into activities of daily living (ADLs) that provide valuable data into a patient's normal living activities, so healthcare practitioners can make more informed decisions that improve overall safety, health, and wellness.

Monitor when patients get out of bed, how long they rest in their easy chair, when they open their refrigerator, and even how often they use the commode.

Patient Engagement

VitalCare Engagement helps seniors stay connected to the digital world in a way that is personalized and customized to their preferences in an easily navigable form. 

Seniors enjoy curated content which significantly increases their social engagement and reduces loneliness by keeping them connected to the hobbies, activities, and people they love. 

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