Return to Work Safely with the
COVID-19 Early Warning System

Remotely Monitor Viral Signs and Symptoms to Proactively Protect Your Employees.

Over 60% of jobs cannot be performed entirely from home.

Provide peace of mind to these workers.


"Prompt identification and isolation of potentially infectious individuals is a critical step in protecting workers, customers, visitors, and others
at a worksite. ”



The COVID-19 Early Warning System (EWS) can reduce potential exposure by screening employees prior to entering the workplace.

How EWS Works

Signs and Symptoms Screening

The EWS provides tools for employees to complete daily

at-home self-assessment.

Start each day with a brief self-screening symptom questionnaire, followed by digital thermometer and fingertip pulse oximeter measurements.

OSHA-Aligned Best Practices

OSHA encourages employers to ‘conduct work site temperature checks and other health screening,’ as part of their recommendations.

VitalTech’s COVID-19 EWS remotely tracks employee signs and symptoms from home. It’s an added precaution to limit viral spread at work.

Once daily screening is successfully completed, a Health Pass may be issued.*

*Contact us for more details about this feature


Telehealth Capable Platform

Employees may access your company’s healthcare advice or personnel, as per employer guidelines.

Should symptoms arise, our EWS may provide access to information to help alleviate employees’ concerns in a timely manner. 

Our EWS provides peace of mind and boosts employees’ confidence in their work environment.


Fast and Easy Implementation

Our Team Works with You to Get Up and Running Quickly

VitalTech seamlessly signs up your employees to our 
Early Warning System, sending them a welcome email explaining next steps.   

Everything your employee needs is delivered right to their home with comprehensive instructions.