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Vitals Monitoring Tools Are The Smarter Way to Protect Your Employees – and Your Bottom Line. 

Two of the most significant indicators of COVID-19 infection are fever and low oxygen saturation. Now your employees can use revolutionary technology to test themselves for symptoms — before leaving their home.


Highly virulent illnesses such as COVID-19 can spread fast and devastate entire companies. Your workforce, your operations, and your reputation are all at stake. To help you reopen your business safely, VitalTech has developed a toolkit for employees to proactively and remotely monitor for signs of illness – before they come into the workplace. The virtual care solution alerts them at the earliest sign of illness to limit the spread of infection by keeping potentially contagious employees at home.


What does the Enterprise Solution Kit include?

  • For Employees: Each will receive a Bluetooth thermometer and Bluetooth pulse oximeter to read vitals which will be automatically uploaded to a cloud portal. They will also have access to the VitalCare app, where they can view their vitals readings and complete daily health screenings about exposure and symptoms. 

  • For Employers: Managers will directly receive alerts from the monitoring team, who will directly oversee employee vitals. They will also receive access to a portal to review privacy-compliant health alerts.

How does it work?

Employees will take their vitals with the thermometer and pulse oximeter at designated times. If the readings exceed the temperature or oxygen saturation thresholds set by the employer – usually over 100.4˚F and below 95% respectively – the monitoring team will mark the employee’s profile as ‘health alert’. The employer will be able to see the alert and ask the employee to stay home.

What about privacy?

Employee privacy is our top priority, which is why a separate monitoring team will be viewing all employee vitals and sending out health alerts. The employer will only see the alert, not employee health data.

How is it deployed?

The majority of our enterprise customers prefer VitalTech to completely manage the end-to-end fulfillment, training and deployment of the program to their employee base. In these cases, VitalTech packs the hardware kits and sends them to employees, and provides easy-to-use training documentation (available in any language upon request). VitalTech also takes care of deploying the portal access to the employer, provides employer training, and the monthly third-party monitoring service. 

Is it expensive?

The program can save organizations thousands of dollars in medical-related expenses by proactively protecting employees from exposure on the job. Exact cost of deployment varies depending on the size of the enterprise; please call or email today for a quick response on pricing.

VitalTech is ready to help you protect your bottom line, employees, customers and reputation with this solution. what's more, you're doing your part to protect the community, including the most vulnerable. 

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