Steven Scott Headshot_BW.jpg

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Steven leads VItalTech's efforts to transform virtual care. Steven has 30 years of experience as an executive in health care technology and services companies. He has an extensive history of developing high performance leadership teams and implementing strategies that lead to significant increases in market share, sales and revenue. Most recently, Steven served as president and CEO of PointRight, where his leadership resulted in a successful acquisition by a strategic health care technology company.


Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Anjan Panneer Selvam, Ph.D. co-founded VitalTech, Inc. He designs the technical strategy and oversees the engineering, product, and design teams that are responsible for delivering hardware and software at the heart of VitalTech’s innovative product portfolio. Anjan is an inventor on over 25 patents and patent applications and has published more than 30 papers in high impact scientific journals. Dr. Panneer Selvam holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Texas System. 

Chad Haynes_BW.jpg

Chief Commercial Officer

Chad is responsible for the commercial strategy and development of VitalTech; providing cross functional leadership for strategy, sales, marketing, and customer engagement.  With deep health IT background and decades of EHR experience, Chad brings significant value that supports high performing teams and execution against corporate vision.  Chad spent 21 years with Cerner Corporation in leadership roles across strategic growth, state government, Veterans Affairs, population health, partnership development, client management, and international business.


EVP, Sales and Marketing

Ernie has over 30 years of extensive sales, marketing and management experience. His strengths include global strategic alliances, large carrier sales, multi-year sourcing contracts, and launching new markets and products. He holds a track record of driving revenues in aggressive timeframes. He has held executive positions at Siemens, Efficient Networks, NoMagic and 3Com Corp. 

Raji Kumar.jpg

Senior Vice President, Operations

Raji oversees VitalTech’s customer experience and operations, including customer success, service delivery, customer support and supply chain. Raji is charged with building deep relationships with customers and building best-in class experiences that are tailored to meet their specific needs. She has won multiple scientific awards during her research tenure. Dr. Raji Kumar holds a Doctorate in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Texas, Dallas.


Chief Medical Advisor

Dr. Hamilton served for 30 years as Professor and Chair in the Department of Emergency Medicine, Wright State University School of Medicine and is Professor Emeritus. He edited three textbooks and published over 150 papers and articles. His long-standing interest in Remote Patient Monitoring began with the problem of measuring performance in extreme environments and situations, as experienced by police, fire, EMS, and military personnel. He is trained and Board-certified in Internal and Emergency Medicine. 

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Senior Living Solutions

Jeh has over 20 years of experience in early-stage venture capital and has overseen several successful exits. He has held leadership positions in various companies in the technology, telecom and media sectors across 4 continents. Jeh has a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and is a Sloan Fellow in management from London Business School.