For Seniors in Isolation, Connecting is Easy Breezie

Social isolation among seniors has been a long-standing problem, even before the COVID crisis. Unfortunately, loneliness, depression and cognitive decline are all associated with social isolation, and nowhere is that felt more profoundly than among those at long-term care facilities. Since the President's emergency declaration, seniors and residents at post-acute and rehabilitation facilities have been unable to physically be near their loved ones. Their buildings have been under lockdown, with only staff being able to enter and exit, exacerbating an already difficult season in these patients' lives.

VitalTech is proud to be part of the solution of addressing social isolation through our acquisition of Breezie — a platform that enables senior care providers to deliver care and services through a simple and personalized tablet interface.

Through the Breezie tablet, Seniors can video chat with loved ones and stay engaged in their lives from a safe distance.

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