Release Notes 

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VitalCare Admin Web Portal Release v 1.35


Alerts – Release 1.34 included a new feature allowing continuous threshold alerts for breaches. The alerts page was updated so multiple alerts for one patient would be nested with the ability to expanded and show all alerts. Alerts for one patient no longer need to be resolved individually, but can be handled using the new "Resolve All" feature. On the Active Users page, the green circle indicator for resolving a breached vital has been updated to a dotted green line. 

We also changed the "+" to a "^" to be more consistent with your UI throughout the platform.




Custom Alert for Temperature Change - Release 1.34 included the ability to create custom alerts for weight. Custom alerts for the temperature vital are now available. These can be configured under the menu item Admin > Custom Alerts. In order to create a custom alert for temperature (or weight) select the "Create New" button. 

The new custom alert for temperature will compare the initial/ongoing temperature value, and uses a 24-hour average when temperature changes by the indicated amount – with relational operators: "Is Greater than or equal to/Is Less than or equal to." Any custom alerts configured will be community wide.

If a temperature change happens within the parameters set in the "custom temperature change alert",a temperature alert will be triggered. The custom alert is independent of any existing temperature threshold alerts on the individual settings. 


Once this type of custom alert has been triggered, it will appear on the Alert Queue page with the type "Custom" and the name that was selected upon set up.  This will also alert any emergency contacts and or assigned admins for the patient. 


Note: The system does NOT count readings lower than 94.3 in averages.  


Emergency Contacts - Ability to Control which Emergency Contacts Receive Patient Alerts - This new feature requires additional setup at the community level and may require planning and light training. Please reach out to your account Manager or Support if you’d like to utilize this feature.


Log – Beneath the log tab on the patient record, the default has always been that the "Note" and "Alert" boxes are checked. The patient log page now has the ability to save preferences. When admins arrive on the patient profile page, no boxes are checked by default.  But once an admin selects a check box, the selection will appear every time they visit until unchecked.   


Profile – Beneath the Profile tab on the patient record, a new field “CSN # (Contact Serial Number)" has been added. Providers have the option to add/edit CSN# on an existing patient via the patient profile page or upon registering the patient for the first time. This update will be captured on the “CSN Number” patient log page as well. 

Product Type 


We added a new product type “Private Pay,” to the current product lists. 

Note that "Telehealth" product type is only available if this is applicable to your community.

This change will apply everywhere that the current product identifiers appear.  

  1. User Enrollment page 

  2. Patient Profile edit page 

  3. Product Usage Report 

  4. Billing & Audit report 

  5. Active User Page  

Bug Fixes 

Please note bug fixes apply to select situations and not all instances

  • Form creation – The "Select Usage Type" dropdown (arrow) button was not clickable. This has been fixed. 

  • Selecting Hours  – Corrected the "Select Hours" option beneath thresholds and the upcoming telehealth feature to display "12:00 AM" instead of "00:00 AM." 

  • Patient Log – When clicking the "User Alert" log box, the log page will now populate all data for triggered alerts. 

  • Vitals – The Vitals graphs have been updated to address issues with plotting the y-axis.  

  • Communication Bar –  Creating a "To-Do" task with the communication bar was not accurately searching for the patient's name. This has been fixed.

  • Alerts Report - Fixed Alerts Report custom filter to return data within selected date range. 

  • Alert Page - When multiple custom alerts were breached, only the first breached vital was showing in red in the first row (weight). This has been updated to display with a red outline in each row.

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