Release Notes 

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This page was last updated 12/18/2020

Please note that in some extenuating circumstances, there may be items that are represented in this upcoming web portal release notification that may not actually be released on 12/22/2020.

VitalCare Admin Web Portal Release v 1.36 

Tasks & Features

  • RPM CPT Code 99091 added as a choice for CPT code. Caregiver Timer, Billing, and Audit reports have been updated to accommodate this change.

  • Removed the "Powered by VitalTech" under community logo on portal and apps.

  • Added 'Kit#", "Tablet ID" and "Product" as new columns on POP report page and .csv download.

Bug Fixes 

Please note bug fixes apply to select situations and not all instances

  • Added efficiencies to Group memberships and schedules.

  • Fixed issue affecting an Admin's ability to send announcements from Group's page.

  • Improved efficiency of query that populates monthly RPM Time Column on Active User's page.