Release Notes 

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This page was last updated 1/13/2021

Please note that in some extenuating circumstances, there may be items that are represented in this upcoming web portal release notification that may not actually be released on 1/14/2021.

VitalCare Admin Web Portal Release v 1.37

Tasks and Features 

  • We have made an update to the registration process where emergency contacts are no longer a required field. Please see the option to 'SKIP' this step upon registering a new user/patient. 


Bug Fixes

  • In some cases, users were unable to send scheduled questions to groups. 

  • Previously when a user did not have an emergency contact, an error would occur when assigning admins to that user. 

  • Previously when clicking the audio/video call button on a threshold alert, the alert would be removed from the queue, which was not logging the 'Alert Resolution' properly. Now only the action of using the 'Resolve' button and adding a resolve note, will 'Resolve' the Alert and remove this from the queue.