Release Notes 

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This page was last updated 1/27/2021

Please note that in some extenuating circumstances, there may be items that are represented in this upcoming web portal release notification that may not actually be released on 1/26/2021.

VitalCare Admin Web Portal Release v 1.38

Tasks and Features 

  • We have added the ability for admins to add a note on the caregiver timer when they log time for a patient. Previously this was only available when logging time from the manual timer. This note will appear in the patient log as well.

  • The new CMS / Payor Billing Report has been created to support the 2021 CMS RPM Rules and handle any custom CPT Codes that have been recorded for the reporting period identified within the report filter criteria. The report must be enabled by a Super Admin, so, please contact support or your account manager, if you do not see the new report on January 29th. 
















Summary of CPT Codes:

  • 99453: should only show one time per RPM patient when they have their FVD (first vitals reading date) - this code is for representing that the patient was trained sufficiently and this is demonstrated by their ability to take a vital’s reading with a BLE device. This code cannot be selected in the caregiver or manual timer entry, because it is calculated on the backend based on FVD. 

  • 99454: this code is all about the equipment and number of days of readings using the BLE equipment  

  • 99457: the first 20 minutes of RPM time logged – must be in 20-minute complete increments. This is a calculated code – meaning it is summed and then shows up on the billing report as a single 20-minute unit (row on the report) 

  • 99458: Each subsequent unit of 20 minutes that is logged during the calendar month to 99458. On the historical billing report this is represented as a row per 20-minute increment. On the new CMS billing report this is summed into a single row with a unit indicating the “units” of 20-minute segments.  

  • 99091: This is a newly added RPM code to our system (it’s not a new RPM code though). This code is a time-based code, but we are not putting any rules around it at this time. It is going to show up the billing report if it is reported whether its 2 minutes or 45 minutes.  

Bug Fixes

  • We were experiencing an issue when downloading the user log via csv as it was showing all activity types regardless of the set filter. This has been fixed.