Release Notes 

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This page was last updated 2/10/2021

Please note that in some extenuating circumstances, there may be items that are represented in this upcoming web portal release notification that may not actually be released on 2/11/2021.

VitalCare Admin Web Portal Release v 1.39

Tasks and Features 

  • We have updated the community search feature on the active users page so that you can now search via full text and dropdown for results. 

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed an issue causing duplicate community names to appear when creating a group.

  • The Groups Patient User count was including Archived Users which was throwing off the patient count, which now is only including Active Patients

  • In some instances, ICD-10 codes were not saving, this issue has been resolved.

  • When receiving a text alert for a temperature threshold breach, sometimes there were too many decimals showing. This is now limited to two decimal places.

  • Only the first row of a custom alert was showing the name of the alert. We have adjusted this to now should show the name of the alert on each row.

  • On the active users page when visiting to the patient profile and then returning to the list of active users, the patient list page will switch to page one and then back to page two. The new page should not revert back to the previous without user input.