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This page was last updated 2/23/2021

Please note that in some extenuating circumstances, there may be items that are represented in this upcoming web portal release notification that may not actually be released on 2/25/2021.

VitalCare Admin Web Portal Release v 1.40 

Tasks and Features 

  • Alerts can now be marked "False Alert” in the Alert Queue. This is especially useful when patients experience erratic readings from a device or from manual entry mistakes.

    • The only UI difference is the checkbox for "False Alert." It will still prompt you to add a note. The note and the "False Alert" (if checked) will appear on the patient's log report under the "User Update Status Resolved" option via the log tab on the patient profile. ​

  • A new report called "Alert Intervention Report" will enable admins to see alerts and their resolution history. This features the following columns and can be exported via CSV:

    • Alert type - Type of alert triggered by the patient; it could be a threshold breach alert, a vitals offline alert, an alert from a question or a custom alert. ​

    • Date Alert Occurred - Date the alert came through to the admin portal.  

    • Time Alert Occurred - Time the alert came through to the admin portal (in the same time zone to which your device is set). 

    • Patient Name - Name of the user/patient in the platform which triggered the alert. 

    • Alert Details - Description of the alert along with any applicable vital measurements. 

    • Alert Resolution Response - Note entered by admin when resolving the alert from the queue on the homepage. 

    • False Alert - Indicates whether or not the admin marked the alert as a "False Alert".

    • Admin/Responder - Admin who resolved the alert. 

    • Date of Response/Resolution - Date the admin resolved the alert.. 

    • Time of Response/Resolution - Time the admin resolved the alert (in the same time zone to which your device is set). 

    • Community Name - Name of the community in which the alert was resolved.







  • Answers to multiple choice survey questions may now be assigned points. 

    • You can access this from the Form Creation option beneath the Admin menu and select form type 'Survey.' Select the option to "Create New Survey" and see the check box on the pop up screen that allows you to set this survey to be scored. Note; This can only be used when answer type is set to Multiple Choice.

    • Add your question, select type to be multiple choice (graph type can be anything) and see the option to add points to each answer in your question.

    • When the survey is answered by a patient, we will store the total points, max amount of points that can be scored and an overall average of scores across patients who have taken the survey. 

    • This data will be available via PDF and CSV to export. 

  • The registration process UI has been updated to display as full screen with a more streamlined look.

    • The main change here is that since adding an Emergency Contact is now an optional field, it has been removed from this process. You can still add/edit Emergency Contacts anytime once a user is created in the platform. ​

How to Enroll a New Patient:
The following steps outline the process for enrolling a new patient in the VitalCare system. There are 3 sections to be completed to enroll a new patient: User Information, Admin/Caregivers, and Accessories Info.

  • After logging into the VitalCare platform, click Pop on the activity bar and click the “ADD” button. (You can also access this from the Active Users page).

  • You will see a new page titled Enroll.

  • Enter the Patient’s First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and click the "ADD NEW" button. 





1. User information:

  • Complete the required fields. Required fields are marked with an (*) which include Phone#, Address, Email & Password and Gender.



  • The email and password are needed to give the patient access to their VitalCare application.

  • Scroll down the panel to complete all required fields. At the bottom of the Patient Profile “Enable Messaging” will be defaulted to ON. Click “NEXT” to move to the next section.

2. Admin/Caregivers: 

  • If you wish to assign a specific caregiver to this patient, you can select the admin/caregiver from the list.

  • Select the type of messages that caregiver would like to receive.

  • You can also select more than one caregiver.

  • This section is optional and can be skipped by clicking "NEXT".








3. Accessories Info:

  • This section is for information regarding the kit that has been given to the patient. Make your selection from the kit types or select custom to enter your custom kit.

  • Click "Create" when done.




The last step is for you acknowledge that the patient has consented to enrolling in this program.

Check the box under Consent, then click "ENROLL" to complete the enrollment process.













Bug Fixes

  • Deleted vitals no longer show in graphs. 

  • Bug with RPM Time on Active Users page fixed so time entered during the last few hours of the last day of the month will no longer pull into the new month.

  • Documents updated to respect the scheduled time (instead of users receiving documents immediately). 

  • Functionality of communication bar on the group page has been fixed. 

  • The filter on the Pop page was not persisting on each page when set. 

  • Alerts home page corrected so admins no longer need to refresh the page as frequently to see their progress.

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