Release Notes 

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VitalCare Android App Release v 1.3.12


  • Three way calling - Added ability to add family member in a call with your admin/caregiver. Press the 'Add' button on the call screen and make a selection from the Contact List. At least one family connection must be added in the Contacts screen to enable this feature.


  • Medication & Nutrition & ADLs - The "Nutrition," "Medication," and ADLs tiles can be turned ON/OFF from the Admin Portal. When one or both are OFF, those modules will not appear on the home screen or the bottom tab bar.

  • Engagement - Like Nutrition and Medication tiles, Admin Portal users can toggle the "Engagement" module ON/OFF. When set to ON, the "Messages" tile on the app Home screen will change to "Engagement," where you can access relative industry content to read based on your preferences. *Please contact your account manager to learn more about how to gain access to this new feature. 


  • The positions of sections titled 'Modules' and 'User Information' have been flipped in the More menu.

  • User Profile - removed ability to change country field.

Bug Fixes 

Please note bug fixes apply to select situations and not all instances

  • Login - Fixed issue with newly created accounts being unable to log in. 

  • Password Reset - Added two-step password verification.

  • Medication - Fixed bug with notes and medication status not showing on the VitalCare Family app.

  • ADLs - ADL tag counts did not increment correctly. This has been fixed.

  • Jumper Weigh Scale - Updated name to be found when discovering Bluetooth device.

  • Home - Updated user interface design discrepancies on the Home screen.

  • Weather - If temperature was over 100 degrees, decimal values were truncated. This has been fixed.