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Remote Patient Monitoring

Enhance Patient Care In-Between Office Visits

Virtual Care Solution

Technological advancements are shifting traditional care delivery models and the point of care to the patient’s home.


Unparalleled data insights and improved communication between providers, their patients and electronic medical records allow physicians to care for their patients unlike ever before.

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Better Care
Improved Outcomes
Increased Engagement

Tools that help physicians properly report time spent reviewing physiological data and billing for time spent on patient review.

Unprecedented insights into data collected in the home support well-informed treatment planning that improves overall outcomes.

Connected care with family and care teams promotes positive behavior. Customizable triggers allow care teams to reach out to patients in real time.


Real-time data and analytics

Monitor vitals, medication, and activity

Customizable features

Patient Care Management from a Single Platform

VitalCare aggregates patient-generated health data on a single platform. This data is reviewed remotely by care teams for better care in-between visits. This holistic view of the patient’s day-to-day activities promotes pro-active patient care and enhances informed clinical decision making. 

Manage chronic disease in the home using sensors and BLE medical devices; blood pressure cuffs, pulse oximeters, scales, activity monitors, spirometers and others.


Video Calls

High-resolution video calls for telehealth visits and consultations. Careteams review patients physiological data while simultaneously speaking with
the patient.

Messaging with Patients Through Our Portal


When notifications are triggered the physician can easily reach out to the patient through our platform through video, texting, or email. This time is automatically logged as time spent to the patient record.

Video & Messaging

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Medication Management

Remotely manage physiological changes associated with new medications and monitor medication adherence.

Nutrition Diary

Tiered levels of access to confidential information for patient protection. HIPAA secure views protect data. Only FDA approved BLE medical devices are integrated in the platform.

Medication & Nutrition Data


Configured Notifications

Patient care plans and configurable notifications are customizable from the physician portal. When an anomaly is detected or the patient has not reviewed their vitals, the care team is notified and appropriate action can be taken by the care team and documented in our secure web portal.

Timers Aggregate Time Spent on Patient Data Review

Timers make logging time spent on patient data review simple. A timer aggregates and logs time into the patients profile for each action taken on the patient record.

Monitoring & Notifications