Seniors stay connected virtually to the hobbies and interests that are important to them with an easy to use tablet interface


Easy Implementation

Lower implementation effort and costs for organizations with VitalCare support right from the start.

Deliver Better Quality Care

Easy, integrated delivery of home care services and remote patient monitoring.

More Fulfilled Senior Lives

Seniors experience a significant increase in social engagement and reduction in loneliness.

Patient Engagement

Increase in patient engagement through better medication planning and personalized chronic illness content.

VitalCare Engagement

VitalCare Engagement, formerly known as 'Breezie', is an open platform that enables senior care providers to deliver care and services through a simple and personalized tablet interface.

Tablet-based open platform that institutions can adapt to fit their own digital strategies and goals.

Highly personalized and simple interface that is proven to drive

end-user engagement.

Integrated multi-tier support service makes assistance for users readily available from a variety of sources.


VitalCare Engagement is built from the ground up to be a flexible, tablet-based, open platform. It allows our customers and partners to integrate their own content along with popular online content and services to present a holistic, often custom-branded, senior-friendly digital solution for their end users. The platform comes with hundreds of APIs, micro-services and predefined templates that allow our customers to implement at scale for a fraction of the cost of a home grown solution.

  • APIs for Integration

  • Predefined Templates

  • Built-In Micro-Services

  • Device Management Options

APIs for Integration 

Integrating content, manually or with APIs, such as dining menus, activity calendars as well as services such as appointment requests, medication reminders enables communities to provide digital only services which can increase operational efficiencies and deliver better care.

Integrating third party hardware and commercially available products such as IoT, biometric devices and wearables allows us to deliver smart apartments, remote patient monitoring and innovative home care services.


VitalCare Engagement's key to encouraging senior interaction is found within the highly personalized experience we deliver. From deep analytics and reporting to a curated app store, VitalCare Engagement has something for everyone to explore, learn, and enjoy.

  • Deep Analytics & Reporting

  • Curated App Store

Deep Analytics & Reporting

Central to driving the highly personalized user experience and outcome based implementations is VitalCare Engagement's deep data analytics, rules engines and reporting. This allows our customers the flexibility to build and link reports to relevant ROI models.

Multi-Tier Support

When it comes to senior care, we appreciate that support is an integral part of the solution. Our unique support platform allows support to come from staff, caregivers and family members as well as a dedicated Breezie concierge team.


This support can also include triage to other 3rd party service support thereby offering our customers a hands-off approach to implementation.

  • Community Tools

  • Family Hub

  • VitalCare Engagement Concierge

Community Tools

Designed for non-technical users, the Admin Portal allows administrators to centrally configure VitalCare Engagement for a large group of users, making large-scale deployments easy to manage and support. Administrators can remotely add content, configure device and app settings as well as wipe or lock a tablet.

Administrators can set notifications to alert them if a resident requires additional support based on our analytics and reporting. These reports help you understand how often residents are using VitalCare Engagement and which applications are used most.